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Maybe Baby ♥ is Survival

☆Rainbow Devils Land.____.☆
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F.O. Journal!
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I am Arisa Uotani.
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I claimed 'However' from glayclaims
adrien brody, amelie poulain, aoshi, babe, bach, bangkok, baroque music, batman, beanie babies, big cats, books, brian friel, castlevania, cats, cello, chopin, christian bale, christian slater, classical music, claude debussy, darkness, death, debates, diablo, diablo 2, dogs, eddie izzard, emily bronte, endangered species, english literature, fairy tales, fanficition, fire emblem, folklore, fruits basket, full house, gensomaden saiyuki, glay, glay as nevermind, gokuaku tony, gone with the wind, goong, gothic, guitars, hachi, hachimitsu to kuroba, hamasaki ayumi, heathcliff, heathers, hellsing, hide, honey and clover, ice cream, immortal rain, instant noodles, inu yasha, japanese culture, japanese dramas, japanese fashion, japanese food, jdramas, john keats, johnny depp, joseph conrad, kafka, kiki's delivery service, luna sea, magic, manga, marmalade boy, mars, mashimaro, mind control, miracle girls, misao, morizo and kikkoro, mulan, my sassy girl, mystery, mystic, nana, non-no, paranormal, passion, piano, pip bernadotte, pip vernedead, poetry, pre-2001 disney films, pretty asian boys, psychology, psychosis, rachmaninoff, ranma 1/2, rodents, romance novels, romantics period, roxette, rurouni kenshin, russian composers, salmon, sashimi, savage garden, se7en, sensation, sensuous, septerra core, shakespeare, shinhwa, siam shade, sir psycho sexy, son ho young, spirited away, spitz, sugizo, suicide, surrealism, swimming, takeshi kaneshiro, tamayama tetsuji, teru, thailand, the cat returns, the nanny diaries, the ring, the sims, the sims 2, tim burton, tonari no totoro, translation, waltzes, whisper of the heart, winona ryder, witchcraft, wuthering heights, x japan, yoshi, yoshi's island, you're under arrest, yuki, つじあやの, スガ シカオ, スピッツ, ハナレグミ, 木村カエラ, 玉山鉄二, 福耳, , 전진