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Teru - Ever Challenging. Oooooooh~~~ ♥ - ☆..::すれちがう人の数だけドラマチックになるの::..♥☆ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
사랑이 오지 않아요

Teru - Ever Challenging. Oooooooh~~~ ♥ [Apr. 7th, 2007|08:55 am]

Hi everyone! My net has been down and is still down actually, but I'm riding on someone else's network :B but who cares~ I'm so frustrated >O I want the net to work properly! This shitty wireless is slowing everything down. :(

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Whee! One snapshot~ one headshot anyway. I love the way my hair is cut~ compared to last time, she thinned it and layered it so I was sad :( and then this time I showed her the picture I wanted and was adamant. So I got to keep my rough length, had a trim and she gave me a nice fringe! And what's more, my hair is growing its thickness! ^3^ It's also growing so my natural hair colour is coming back. The ends are still very brown in the sun, but if you see the blue, that's what my hair used to be like~ Haven't camwhored in ages haha.

Been super busy these few days... not! I've been sleeping in every morning and then doing stuff... I've finished watching Chekkeracho! (Check it Out Yo!) and Gyakkyo Nine~ so good XD; Check It Out Yo! hasa cool dude called KONISHIKI and I spazzed when I realised T2 could rap. XD; He was so cool when he said "You're empty inside" to the dude~ haha. TamaTetsu as a hiphop star and then a rocker... so amazing~ he should really start a career in singing~

I flipped channels while watching TV (something you don't get to do in St.Swithuns') and I saw this episode of Hi Hi PuffyAmiYumi. Ami had joined the circus to be a clown, to save up to celebrate their banniversary. It just really struck me as bizzare and completely random haha! It was amusing.

I've been playing Nintendo Wii too! It rocks hard~ I played when I crashed at my cousin's place and we played the WarioWare game. Super fun. I went out with some of my ex-classmates which was fun and interesting XD; it was nice seeing you again, Lee and Rafidah, and everyone who was there! And tomorrow there's a.......................................................................... BEACH PARTY!!!!!!!! So happy!!! ^3^ Will try and take lotsa pics for sure~ if I'm not shy lol. Tonight is a gathering at my house so I'm pretty busy this week XD; my sister is coming home next week from England so everything's cool! I talked to Sarah on the phone and was so happy talking to her X3

Yesterday I went crazy shopping for lots of clothes after a rehearsal... long story XD; it took forever and the rehearsal was the shittiest thing ever. @@; I can't believe I went. Anyway, after my mom was done, we went as promised, to shop. I bought clothes and two pairs of shoes. XD; The lady had to call up another branch to get my shoe size. She was like, "Your feet are so small ma'am!!" :p

I'm leaving next week which sucks a lot. T3T but after exams comes summer! Wa-hey! I'm going to HK and if time and money allows, my mom, sister and I will fly to Japan from HK and visit my cousin in Kyoto! I'm so happy XD; I also want to see my other cousin in Aussie, Siew Huey, whom I talked to on the phone for like, two hours. I miss her so much~

Anyway, yeah. That's all about my life. Hrrrrr... byee! Oh btw, I got an offer from Warwick! Haha, I spent like, 15 minutes on that while watching Brother Beat XD

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[User Picture]From: miki_ayu
2007-04-09 01:37 pm (UTC)
Thanks! ^3^

I knoow! Hopefully this time it'll work out~ the last few times have always had some sort of last minute problem that cancelled the trip @@; This time I'll try make it work. It'll be so cool if you're there too! XD yeah, we can finally meet up and you can show me the sights of Tokyo~ :3
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