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Good Luck and take care, work hard and enjoy~ - ☆..::すれちがう人の数だけドラマチックになるの::..♥☆ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
사랑이 오지 않아요

Good Luck and take care, work hard and enjoy~ [Jul. 26th, 2005|05:25 pm]
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So... today I finally stopped school! I finally, finally left MS!!!! :D No school!!! Well, at least for another month. Then a plane ride, a train ride to St. Swithuns. :/ My sister told me I'm going to be the oldest girl there, and yet I'll be the youngest looking haha. My brother recently commented that I look like an 11 year old. ;-; surely not? I thought perhaps 13/15... but 11? Maybe...

It was a normal day really. The only thing special was that I had to run around looking for Mr. Chong with Farah to get the form to return textbooks. Plus, Izzati cried. ><;; We've only been friends this year, but she's really really nice. ::sigh:: I hate making people cry on my account.

So yeah, right now I feel like Image hosted by Photobucket.com but haha~ holiday for a month + it's all cool~ XD I'll visit my friends in school after their mock exam for AS' Level. Good luck you guys!!! <3

My cousins from England are here, but they just went out lol. My ku poh couldn't make it ;-; because her passport was either invalid or expired, something like that, and my mom knew I would be sooo upset. She's not my grandma, but she's nice like she is one. I'll bet my grandfather is upset too~ it's been ages since he's seen his real little sister. T_T he's in a fight with his adopted sister soooo yeah. X_X amazing how the most gentle man was a bad temepered monster last time. Ah well.

I'm growing my hair so so long o.o it's never been this long before~ i think I'll get it permed once more before I leave, and when it's long enough, I'll get it straightened and evenly cut, not layered. :p we'll see how it goes.

XD GLAY still going strong in the charts! Amazing! And the sales as well!! :O I wonder if they're going to release a new album soon XD I'm just greedy for more new GLAY songs~

So that's it I guess~~ :D

[User Picture]From: to_you_in_grey
2005-07-29 04:25 am (UTC)
after you left i went straight to ck. dina. then while i was apologizing cuz i didn't enter class i burst into tears (i'm so stupid) x.x she was sympathetic so she shoo'd me away and told me to get out of her face XD;;

bleh. i miss you so much! >___<

(but at least you're happy, i think)


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[User Picture]From: miki_ayu
2005-07-29 09:31 am (UTC)
OMG o.o sigh... you and Izzati... Well... anyways, come over soon, kay? I'm going to school on Saturday to give you stuff and banana muffins! :3 cheer up kay? So you can study hard and get all As!!! :D

Yeah, I'm pretty content with how my life is now, with the nervousness of England shaking my nerves XD;;
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