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イタズラなKiss ~ [Feb. 17th, 2007|10:11 pm]
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Hullo hullo lots have happened (I think!) since I posted last, properly, I mean. Sorry if my sentence structure is confusing; I've been around more than two languages in the past few weeks hence the strange structure at times.

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Whee~! Peace and goodwill to all mankind, Gong Xi Fa Cai as well, to everybody. May the year be a prosperous and exciting one to all! :D That picture was actually taken ages ago lol~ and my hair has grown longer... although I really hate my bangs. I want to keep the length of the rest of my hair save the bangs. -_-; but life never works out that way does it?

Case Study No. 1 : Dieting. I've been trying to cut down on my food ever since my friend commented on my pudge~ and please, none of that "Dieting is evil/bad!" stuff. I don't starve myself and I certainly don't make myself puke; I've had bad experiences with the latter. But the problem is that my fats go to weird places and I really have a fat face ::cries:: and a fat tummy... and thighs... so I began exercising at night XD; some situps and thigh muscle bridging. And also eating less chocolate. And then one day I broke down and ate A TON OF CHOCOLATE. And then my friend's parents came and gave us CHINESE SWEET CAKES and FRIED CHICKEN WINGS. I can't win against food. Oily, greasy and fattening food. Sobsobsob.

Events Today: Half term started and I am in London! Spent Friday in the pub with Sophie, Vicki, Tasha and her sister Sophie - all my sister's friends. Stayed from 9.30 till 11.00 and my sister zonked out on her bed while I stayed up a little longer. Then today my cousin, Nic, came down from Reading and my sister picked her up and we all went out for a nice Japanese lunch at Misato's~ we split up and my cousin and I went shopping hrhrhr down at Leicester Square and Oxford Street. I then went to my brother's pad when she left and watched a movie (can't remember the name T_T) with Ed Harris, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey and Alec Baldwin in it~ quite nightmarish because halfway through people kept texting me and calling me and my brother kept pausing it. Left and came back to my sister's flat myself and we had a nice Chinese takeout dinner with Sophie, Vicki, Sarah (yaey! I love her :3 she's super nice and pretty and I love her Northern Irish accent) Ben and Jane - again all my sister's friends. Watched Mean Girls and now here I am! Huhuhu...

I'll be heading back to Soton on Monday :( I don't want to goooo! But in a way it's good because if I go I'll be forced to work and I can finish my Chemistry Coursework that's hassling me~ x.x

Events Missed: GLAY. I know everyone has heard every single song off the album by now~ I'm absolutely behind the times for GLAY but that doesn't mean I like them any less. If anything, by the time I get my hands on the album, I'd appreciate it a whole lot more. I've heard MIRROR on the secret site which sounds like pure magic. I already heart Bokutachi no Shohai and Natsuoto loads and the rest of the songs... do I need to say anymore?

Interesting Events: I guess I am a big pervert. I think I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to watch Tamatetsu's AV movie? I'm not the only one because someone mentioned in a jdrama forum (I skulk hahaha) that she (I am assuming) wanted to see "Biaku no Hana" because it is "absolutely trashy and fun" XD;. Looking at the screencaps, I really do want to watch it, for the pure reason of it being trashy and fun. And I was half searching for it the other day and, giving up, I just googled biaku no hana and pop! CDJAPAN HAS IT! HAHAHA!! Issues though?

1. It costs 16000 yen for one volume. There are two. You do the math.
2. It's a VHS, and hey, I'm not complaining but I think people in the vicinity would either be embarrassed or appalled by it.
3. My mother would have a cow if she found out what her daughter bought online, and I doubt it would get through Brunei customs anyways~

I am definitely going to get it though... someday. Hopefully.

Ok, next one has to do with Tamatetsu yet again. The movie ROCKERS is no longer on sale (T_T) but you can see a clip of it on YouTube with him in it! Absolutely, pure hilarity! It kinda reminded me of Gackt hrhr and wow can that man sing (if it was really him) I don't doubt it and he sounds a little like Teru with a less husky voice and a higher range~ Plus, I can't wait to see his movie Freesia~Bullets over Tears~ it seems like an awesome movie. He's also in Mayonaka no March, a seemingly dark drama about a heist.

I laughed when I finished downloading the first episode of Itazura na kiss... because it is the exact same version my sister and I watched 10 years ago! I know because of the Chinese subs at the bottom. Someone must have taped it ages ago and then somehow uploaded it into their computer. Even though it's so very old and the characters aren't as glamorous looking as now, it brings back nostalgia and I get a really sweet feeling in my chest :3 I'm starting to really like Takashi Kashiwabara again~ Who knew he'd be the senpai of an actor I'd like 10 years later?

And! One last thing~ I found out the drama in which Takashi Sorimachi plays a father type role: Hotman. It's received really good reviews so I might just go watch it. It looked so sweet when I saw the advert on TV, but my parents didn't subscribe to that channel :( boo.

EDIT: My cousin emailed me saying that he got the scholarship to go to Japan to study for a year!!! Yaaay! X3 I'm so glad for him~ he'll be going to Kyoto, the land of ... Tamatetsu XD j/k. I know that he's very, very happy and he certainly deserves this. [/EDIT]

neverphree Happy Birthday! :3 I'll be sending you something soon when I get home in March so be patient ok? :D Do expect something! ♥

Over and out, peace and love and communication!

[User Picture]From: neverphree
2007-02-20 01:49 am (UTC)
Thank you~~ n____n;; Arghhldkfja;dslf you really don't have to send something~! xDD *feels terrible*

Oh my, you are too cute. Lovely picture. <3

And I know what you mean about the fat build-up. All my fat seems to store in the worst areas (thighs, face, etc.). I can't wait for summer because I'll be able to go on an all-out diet~~

I was watching the NANA anime with my older sister this afternoon and Takumi's being a major bitch. ;-; All the handsome ones.. why must they be jerks?
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[User Picture]From: miki_ayu
2007-02-21 08:05 pm (UTC)
No problem! X3 don't feel terrible; it's your birthday!

Hehe, thank you :B

Omg, I really want to go on a crash diet I did before :O but I can't seem to have the same motivation ;-;

Hrhr, I knooooow~ but somehow it makes them more attractive XD;
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